Misdemeanor Sentencing Chart

A misdemeanor is a relatively minor criminal charge, not punishable by a prison sentence.  It is less serious than a felony, but more serious than an infraction.  Generally speaking, the actual punishments for misdemeanors are less important that the criminal record that comes with conviction.  With a DUI, collateral consequences like driver’s license suspension are also important.  Jail time is very possible, but less common than fines and community service. Common misdemeanor crimes include simple drug possession, first time DUI, and simple assault.  A conviction (or guilty plea) of a Class A misdemeanor also requires submitting fingerprints and a DNA sample for storage in the State’s database.


Possible Jail Term

Possible Fine

Class A

Up to one year in jail

Up to $2,500

Class B

Up to six months in jail

Up to $1,000

Class C

Up to 90 days in jail

Up to $750

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