About Us

woobury-004Hi, I’m the founding partner for the Woodbury Legal Group.  After a brief stint with a prosecutor’s office, I started my own firm.  I like the flexibility of working as a solo practitioner; it allows me to meet with clients directly and provide individualized attention to each case.

Although I handle a wide variety of cases and clients, I spend most of my time working helping families and individuals; this means I handle a lot of family law issues (divorce, child custody, etc) as well as criminal matters, estate planning and probate, landlord/tenant disputes, and helping out small business owners.  Basically anything where I get to shake someone’s hand and figure out what I can do to help them out.

When I’m not lawyering (that’s what my mom calls my job), I’m usually out riding a bike or taking care of my daughter.  I don’t do snow sports, so when it gets too cold to ride, I retreat indoors to binge watch Netflix and play video games.  I re-emerge in the spring to blink in the sunlight, oil my chain, and power through the first week of saddle sores.

Give me a call today to see what I can do to help you with your legal problem.  At least, I assume you have a legal problem.  Otherwise, why are you reading all the way to the end of this boring section about me?

–Mark Woodbury

(801) 692-3606