Probate Litigation

Occasionally, the heirs or beneficiaries will have a conflict about the proper administration of an estate.  While good estate planning before death can usually mitigate these problems, an experienced attorney can help resolve or litigate the issues after the come up.

Common disputes include who should be the personal representative, how to account for assets in the estate, and the proper distribution of assets and income from an estate or trust.

Less common disputes include disagreements over the validity of a will or trust, and accusations of embezzlement or mishandling of funds and assets.

Advice from a probate practitioner is often crucial in resolving these problems.  In most cases, a little expert advice from an attorney goes a long way towards helping the parties settle their conflicts.  Where settlement proves impossible, a good probate attorney is essential in making your case to the judge.

If you have a dispute involving a will, a trust, or an intestate decedent (someone who died without a will or trust), give us a call.  We can help.

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